Black Rain Again


Live @ HonkyTonky

when: Sunday 17th May 2015

Hour: FROM 22:00 TO 01:00

where: HonkyTonky - Via Comina - Seregno

ticket: 5€

For the second time in a few weeks we will go on stage at HonkyTonky in Seregno for the final of the contest “Desio in musica per Carlo”.

Here is the official link of the event

The winner of the evening will be decreed by the vote of a technical jury and by the PUBLIC VOTE.
To vote you will have to buy a lottery ticket whose proceeds will be donated entirely to charity.

Honky Tonky is an ACSI affiliated cultural leisure club. ( Entry is allowed only to members with a regular membership card. The card has an annual duration and costs 5€.

The venue will open at 9.30pm and entry will not be allowed before that time.