Black Rain Again


Contest @ HonkyTonky

when: Sunday 29th March 2015

Hour: FROM 22:00 TO 01:00

where: HonkyTonky - Via Comina - Seregno

ticket: 5 €

For the first time we will go on stage at the HonkyTonky of Seregno in an evening of great music that will see four bands perform:
We will start US at 22.00, then there will be:
Another Feedback

Here is the official link of the Desio in Musica event for Carlo:

The winner of the evening will be decreed by the vote of a technical jury and by the PUBLIC VOTE.
To vote you will have to buy a lottery ticket whose proceeds will be donated entirely to charity.

Honky Tonky is an ACSI affiliated cultural leisure club. ( Entry is allowed only to members with a regular membership card. The card has an annual duration and costs 5€.

The venue will open at 9.30pm and entry will not be allowed before that time.