Black Rain Again

Black Rain Again

Born in the early months of 2010 and plunged into the writing of songs characterized by a heavy rock mark, with powerful rhythm and constant research of the melody as essential elements of composition.

The struggles of a society that shapes people, the individual wish to get out of fixed patterns and the inner turbolence of broken souls are the ingredients that inspire both lyrics and sounds with no lack of energy, fun and audience involvement as result of the cohesion of very different minds.

Illo – vocals

Black Rain Again - Illo

Blinded by the illusion to be able to reach the worldwide success of his favourite metal groups he sets up his first real band… of girls.
After the early problems choosing the songs, undecided between following the the Iron Maiden footsteps or the Backstreet Boys one, success… well, no, it doesn’t come. What were you expecting? The group blows up because of the jealousy for our favourite frontman fluent mane.
But “il Professore”, this is his title, doesn’t give up and decides to try again with a indie-rock band. That is exactly like playing in a girl band. It’s funny that this project has sunk for the same reasons of the first one.
After changing shampoo and hairstyle our beloved singer joins the Black Rain Again family, where his showmanship ability will become the trump card against the envy for hair.

Emanuele – guitar / backing vocal

Black Rain Again - Emanuele

Between a lake trip and a card game at the senior centre, along with a noisy fellow, he ends up to found one of the most close-knit band ever. Rage Against The Machine? No, well, effectively them… yes, a lot of sinergy. Metallica? Come on, you can get it… No, neither are the Lollipop.
It’s difficult to play in a group that measures up to him, because of his stature, but it’s due to the Black Rain Again that he occasionally puts down the pencil and stops drawing horned-fire-spitting-stuff to focus on writing new “spaccamascella” riffs that will lead you to jump at our live shows. And you’ll do that, you will jump.
Nothing can hinder him, “il Creatore”. Except for knobs. Do not give him knobs. A button, a little lever at best. Someone has seen him explode in front of a mixer, just the elevator buttons throw him into crisis.

Marco – guitar

Black Rain Again - Marco

The legend says he has ridden metalhead dragons, defeated giants with a British stress, dominated the oceans of rock and pizzica and that he is now confined in a little room writing his own paragraph of biografy, in third person, to feel like a star.
He begins his career so young. Yeah, “career”, but he doesn’t even know which “career”: court jester, bright-colored superhero or electronic multitasking tuner… it looks like our hero, often referred to as “il Profeta”, has a poliedric undecided personality, so much poliedric, so much undecided.
He joins the Black Rain Again after a mysterious pizzino has been delivered him by a shady character hooded during a seminar about zero impact floricolture, pizzino that says: “Join us, we have rock. And beer”.
It was that kind of offer you can’t refuse.

Alessandro – bass

Black Rain Again - Alessandro

He has been programmed for extreme monogamy, is proud holder of the noble families marks of the best child cartoons and flees from the horrors of beer and alcohol. He is clearly the brand new stereotype of the modern rockstar.
Because he, our “Bassista Aerospaziale”, live show scout, hungry for contacts, accompanied by the best managers in the marketplace, simply can.
His name is commonly associated with order and organization, it seems he has an e-mail address and a phone specifically studied to remember to the rest of the band what time the rehearsals are. Rehearsals that he always use to plan and attend with the worst disreputable companies to vent his unstoppable will to play along the tracks of his preferred band: the Looney Tunes.

Lorenzo – drums

Black Rain Again - Lorenzo

It seems he has tried to create the ultimate website, the everlasting definitive graphics, the highest quality flawless playbill and all this while smashing the drums harder and harder and having breakfast. Because also drummers use to have breakfast.
What a bad bunch.
Since those first imperceptible patters on the snare many years are gone, our friend of the neighbours musician has gained the “Rullo Compressore” appellative and with a tall hooded partner and the collaboration of the most precious photographers to capture the event he has founded the Black Rain Again.
Just so you know, he did this with the only purpose to feel free to blast your ears, your stomach and yes, your nuts, with pounding vibrant shots on cymbals and bass drum, rigorously in 3D. You’ve been warned.